A Better Way to Justify Customer Success Investments

Executives are often barraged with heartfelt requests for additional staff, technology, training and other needs. Money is never abundant, so senior leaders must make tough decisions. When comparing competing requests, how can executives rationalize increased spending for Customer Success? Perhaps … Continued

Better Good than Lucky

Investors have pulled back on early stage Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) investment in 2016, according to the Wall Street Journal. Mutual funds are big players in the IPO market, and downgrading their holdings of Silicon Valley darlings has chilled the VC market. … Continued

Structure is Like Oil…

You need just enough to keep the machine humming, but add too much and you have a hot mess. That’s the advice I give my clients when we map their customer journeys. During our sessions, cross-functional teams define ideal customer … Continued

Olark: Textbook Service Recovery

Part of doing business in the cloud computing industry is handling outages. Salesforce, Twitter and Google have all had their share. Service disruptions impact customers, ranging in severity from annoyance to halting the gears of business. How companies handle these … Continued

2016 Resolution: Execute!

Build a better organizational habit this year After annual planning, most organizations lose momentum and progress soon grinds to a halt. What can be done to alter the status quo and ensure this year’s plans actually get carried out? Perhaps … Continued

Want Loyalty? Accumulate More Dopamine!

Neuroscience offers new insights on what causes customer retention. Experimenters have recently studied the brain activity involved when positive experiences sway the decision to stick with one option rather than switch to another. Since subscription-based companies must keep their customers … Continued

The Fallacy of Employee Performance Metrics

This time of year many of us managers use numbers when we conduct performance evaluations. Most of us, however, make serious attribution errors, believing business outcomes are due to individual performances. As a result, we use metrics inappropriately and demotivate … Continued

Lyfe Lessons for SaaS

There’s more to retaining customers than having a good product. Lyfe Kitchen seems made to order for progressive Boulder, Colorado.  There’s the enviable location on Pearl Street. There’s the tasty, healthy food, favorites like the Quinoa Crunch Bowl and the … Continued

Too Much of a Good Thing is a Bad Thing

We’ve all experienced walking into a fast food restaurant and being faced with myriad choices. “What can I get you?” the employee behind the counter asks. “Ummmm…” You stare at the menu trying to make sense of an overwhelming number … Continued

Proof, not Marketing, Grows Loyalty

Leading companies plant seeds of trust Bombarded by thousands of product claims each day, we’ve become jaded. While we consider genuine those recommendations we get from people we know, most of us don’t believe ads and find salespeople only moderately … Continued