Tech Check: Apptegic

Boston-based start-up Apptegic formally launched its new offering at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC conference last month, officially joining the fray in the emerging customer engagement measurement market.  Given the very high cost of customer churn on revenue and profitability, tools such … Continued

CSM Performance Management Done Wrong

Managers often perceive differences in how individuals perform sales and customer service, implementing management practices that make things worse. Faced with the challenge to improve results, many establish numbers-based, “pay-for-performance” systems to reward good employees and punish bad ones. Motivating … Continued

Best Practices of Practice Fusion

“I just signed up for this new software package,” my friend Dr. Grace Alessi said over Margaritas at a family outing on Mother’s Day. “It’s incredible!” Formerly an internist at a family medical group, Grace started an independent medical practice in … Continued

Loyalty, by Design

Most customers defect because of how they were treated, notably during the initial business relationship (see “What Starts Right, Stays Right”), but product and service design can also be a major factor in customer churn. In the cloud computing business, … Continued

Tech Check: Is Facial Recognition the Next Frontier?

Affectiva, an MIT-linked SaaS startup, uses technology to observe and analyze physical responses to determine emotional states. Positioned for media testing, Affectiva’s Affdex product uses webcams and facial recognition technology to test advertising spots for large clients. Gone are expensive … Continued

What Starts Right, Stays Right

More cloud computing organizations are “onboarding,” implementing processes to ensure customers experience a smooth transition to their technology product or managed services right after the sale. Managers intuitively recognize the need to begin new customer relationships on a positive note. … Continued