Customer Loyalty Problem Solving

A three-level model helps focus improvement efforts.  Customer retention is critical for companies with business models that rely on recurring revenue. The “leaky bucket” that is customer defection robs  companies of precious revenue and profit. In cloud computing, cutting customer churn … Continued

Start 2014 With New Customer Insights

Three changes to your annual customer satisfaction survey can better focus your improvement initiatives Many organizations conduct comprehensive customer satisfaction surveys this time of year in preparation for their annual planning exercises. Surveys aid decision making for process improvement initiatives … Continued

Aristotle’s Approach to Startups

How an ancient practice keeps entrepreneurs from deluding themselves and their investors Thousands gathered this week in San Francisco at the Lean Startup Conference to hear industry luminaries share their expertise on how to launch successful startups. Conference hosts blogged about … Continued

Discipline, More Than Creativity, Fuels Growth

Most entrepreneurs shun formality, but structure at the right time enables faster growth. Zappos is known for its creative workplace Inside most start-ups, free-wheeling innovation and agility abound. The fewer the rules, the better. And why not? Unencumbered by bureaucracy, … Continued

Reduce the Finger-Pointing… Naturally

Where do organizational “white space” problems come from? Our DNA. But we can also use our genetic predisposition to solve them.  Chances are you’ve experienced it. When you call a company for help, you get the proverbial runaround. After explaining … Continued

Is your Company Leading or Firefighting?

Some companies never seem to have their act together. Others run like well-oiled machines. How does yours operate?   Organizational behaviors exist on a continuum. From most chaotic at the base to most disciplined at the apex, the maturity pyramid … Continued

Remembering HP: Habitual Performance

“It’s just how we do things around here.” I still recall the conversation between the Hewlett-Packard worker and the Tellabs manufacturing VP.  It was 1993, and we were on trip to HP’s Loveland Manufacturing Center, a key production facility in … Continued

Scaling Up? Think Hamburgers.

Your new venture is catching fire and you need to ramp up operations quickly to handle demand. Where should you look for pointers? Try McDonald’s, Burger King or Wendy’s. The Start-Up Genome Project analyzed thousands of high tech start-ups and … Continued

The Best Meeting Agenda

Planning is easy. Execution is hard. How can a monthly meeting keep an organization persistently on track to achieve its goals?  Nobody likes meetings, including me. People perceive them as time-wasters. Many have gone to “no PowerPoint” talks, got rid … Continued