A Vacation Ends in a Moment of Truth

A tale of two Lufthansa managers   “So here’s the problem,” the young manager said after looking at his computer screen. “We see the leg from Frankfurt to Denver but we don’t see the leg from St. Petersburg to Frankfurt.” … Continued

The “Wow!” Effect

Dopamine yields dollars “So that’s what happened. When Microsoft pushed their latest Windows update, they shut off a service the printer uses to communicate over the wireless link.” The Hewlett-Packard support rep then clicked on the utility and turned it … Continued

The Hidden Benefits of Small Talk

Pleasantries lead to trust What do we do when we meet someone new? We engage in small talk. “What’s your name? Where are you from? What do you do for a living?” We probe for something in common to start … Continued

Saying No without Saying “No”

A lesson in customer management from luxury hospitality  No is essential in business. Without it, there’s no focus: every idea is a good idea and any deal is a good deal. Despite having limited resources, some companies try to be all things to all people, continually … Continued

The New CRC Metric: Chronicle of Transformation

Same change, different industry Last week, Totango discussed Customer Retention Cost (CRC) at their annual Customer Success Summit in San Francisco. Their new measure helps SaaS companies compare the costs of battling churn and growing installed base revenue. The metric, … Continued

Trust Earned… and Learned

In the subscription economy, the level of trust companies accumulate with customers is a primary driver of retention and loyalty. But what is trust and what should cloud computing executives be mindful of in their day-to-day operations? This business of … Continued

SurveyGizmo’s Role Model Practice

The SaaS company’s distinctive approach fosters teamwork and high performance Boulder’s SurveyGizmo displays its most important metrics for all to see and uses a collaborative weekly review process to engage all employees in performance improvement. Their methods place them at … Continued

Putting a Face on Customer Loyalty

Why adding photos at multiple touch points builds customer trust Sometimes companies can form stronger customer relationships by doing the simplest things. Adding smiling, welcoming images of key sales and support people in online, mobile and e-mail communications sends an … Continued

How to Win the Game of Trust

Evidence suggests trust forms a barrier to churn A competitor just introduced a new product that delivers significantly higher performance. Do you worry your customers will jump ship? If they trust you, there’s little to fear. A new study using … Continued

Why Trust Matters for Customer Success

Software usage is just one driver in customer loyalty A widespread belief shared by Customer Success professionals is that promoting software use early after the sale leads to less churn. It makes sense. But usage is just one factor leading to … Continued