Seven Systems of CSM Excellence

Universal practices instill high performance What makes some companies like Intel, Southwest, and Ritz-Carlton perennial performers? Is their secret charismatic leaders? Good timing? Grand vision? No. High performance isn’t about what organizations do, but how they do it. Customer Success … Continued

Five Critical Moments in the Customer Experience

Manage these situations well and customers will be yours forever.  Veteran salespeople know sales ultimately don’t come from a prospect’s logical evaluation of a product’s features, advantages and benefits. They know people make decisions based on emotions and then use … Continued

Why SaaS Needs Lean Six Sigma

The cloud computing industry loses about $10B every year due to customer churn, and in response, many executives launch improvement initiatives. They assign Customer Success teams to engage new customers, increase product usage and probe for sales opportunities. Other times, … Continued

Why a CSM’s First Impression Means So Much

“My good opinion once lost is lost forever.”  ― Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice Eye contact. A smile. Friendly conversation. We all know first impressions mean a lot when we meet someone new or interview for a job. The same … Continued

Are CSMs Taking a Critical Process for Granted?

It’s time to view relationship-building from a new perspective  Studies have shown that people switch vendors for three reasons:1  1. Expectations for quality and value go unmet 2. Customers lack personal attachment to the supplier  3. It’s easy to switch … Continued

Cohort Analysis Done Right

Use a p-chart to properly monitor shifts in customer churn Let’s say you run a Customer Success team and your manager asks you to perform cohort analysis in order to better understand customer churn behaviors. Your customers renew on a … Continued

Software Adoption is a Matter of Habit

Six tips to increase user adoption by capitalizing on human nature In the SaaS industry, customer retention rates depend heavily on the extent to which customers engage with their product, especially during the early stages. The more they use it, … Continued