The New CRC Metric: Chronicle of Transformation

Same change, different industry Last week, Totango discussed Customer Retention Cost (CRC) at their annual Customer Success Summit in San Francisco. Their new measure helps SaaS companies compare the costs of battling churn and growing installed base revenue. The metric, … Continued

Trust Earned… and Learned

In the subscription economy, the level of trust companies accumulate with customers is a primary driver of retention and loyalty. But what is trust and what should cloud computing executives be mindful of in their day-to-day operations? This business of … Continued

SurveyGizmo’s Role Model Practice

The SaaS company’s distinctive approach fosters teamwork and high performance Boulder’s SurveyGizmo displays its most important metrics for all to see and uses a collaborative weekly review process to engage all employees in performance improvement. Their methods place them at … Continued

Seven Systems of CSM Excellence

Universal practices instill high performance What makes some companies like Intel, Southwest, and Ritz-Carlton perennial performers? Is their secret charismatic leaders? Good timing? Grand vision? No. High performance isn’t about what organizations do, but how they do it. Customer Success … Continued