CSM Tiers: Bad Juju?

High touch, low touch, tech touch: the most popular tiered account structure for Customer Success. These levels might make sense in the short term, but blind adherence can lead to a company’s decline in the long term. Revenue maldistribution A … Continued

Can Jedi Mind Tricks Work on Customers?

It’s possible to nudge your customer to behave in the ways both of you want.   Psychologists have long known the power of priming, exposing test subjects to stimuli that influence behaviors, often without conscious guidance or intention. In just … Continued

What is Value?

It’s a term we use frequently in new or expansion sales: product value, business value, Time-to-Value. But what is it, exactly? A broader definition Marketers say it’s a simple equation: Value = Benefits – Cost. When the benefits outweigh the … Continued

The Loyal Brain

Scientists have discovered a distinct neural signature in the minds of loyal customers. Scans show particular a brain region activates when buyers choose their preferred vendors. Given the importance of customer loyalty and the recurring revenue that comes with it, … Continued

Getting the Gist of the Customer Experience

Neuroscientists say we tend to remember the meaning and forget the details. When the time comes to make a decision, we naturally rely on our general impressions gained through experience. Because of this, doing essentials right is all that really … Continued

2016 Resolution: Execute!

Build a better organizational habit this year After annual planning, most organizations lose momentum and progress soon grinds to a halt. What can be done to alter the status quo and ensure this year’s plans actually get carried out? Perhaps … Continued

The Fallacy of Employee Performance Metrics

This time of year many of us managers use numbers when we conduct performance evaluations. Most of us, however, make serious attribution errors, believing business outcomes are due to individual performances. As a result, we use metrics inappropriately and demotivate … Continued

A Vacation Ends in a Moment of Truth

A tale of two Lufthansa managers   “So here’s the problem,” the young manager said after looking at his computer screen. “We see the leg from Frankfurt to Denver but we don’t see the leg from St. Petersburg to Frankfurt.” … Continued

The Hidden Benefits of Small Talk

Pleasantries lead to trust What do we do when we meet someone new? We engage in small talk. “What’s your name? Where are you from? What do you do for a living?” We probe for something in common to start … Continued

Saying No without Saying “No”

A lesson in customer management from luxury hospitality  No is essential in business. Without it, there’s no focus: every idea is a good idea and any deal is a good deal. Despite having limited resources, some companies try to be all things to all people, continually … Continued