CSM Tiers: Bad Juju?

High touch, low touch, tech touch: the most popular tiered account structure for Customer Success. These levels might make sense in the short term, but blind adherence can lead to a company’s decline in the long term. Revenue maldistribution A … Continued

Can Jedi Mind Tricks Work on Customers?

It’s possible to nudge your customer to behave in the ways both of you want.   Psychologists have long known the power of priming, exposing test subjects to stimuli that influence behaviors, often without conscious guidance or intention. In just … Continued

What is Value?

It’s a term we use frequently in new or expansion sales: product value, business value, Time-to-Value. But what is it, exactly? A broader definition Marketers say it’s a simple equation: Value = Benefits – Cost. When the benefits outweigh the … Continued

The Loyal Brain

Scientists have discovered a distinct neural signature in the minds of loyal customers. Scans show particular a brain region activates when buyers choose their preferred vendors. Given the importance of customer loyalty and the recurring revenue that comes with it, … Continued

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Besides lamenting life’s romantic complexities, The Clash sums up a customer’s decision whether to renew their software subscription remarkably well. And just like in the song, science shows relationship history matters when making the choice. It’s all in the β … Continued

Customer Benchmarking Motivates Action

Electric utility companies promoting power conservation programs discovered that simply informing consumers of their electricity usage relative to their neighbors lowered overall consumption. This type of normative social comparison has produced the same effects in other domains. Why does this … Continued

The Best Time of Day to Close a Deal

It’s contract renewal time and you’re in a dogfight. Things haven’t gone well this year with your biggest customer and a competitor has a serious shot at displacing you. Can the time of day you ask for the order impact … Continued

How Customers REALLY Decide

Conventional wisdom in Customer Success says that customers renew or expand their subscriptions based on the value they obtain from their software, such as cost savings or productivity gains. But neuroscience suggests there’s more to it. Individuals make decisions based … Continued

My Churn Story

As a consultant helping SaaS companies battle customer defections, I recently experienced firsthand the view from the buyer’s side of the table. After a year of frustrations, we canceled a contract with a PEO and moved our business elsewhere. My … Continued

Learning New Software is Like Learning to Drive

Software customers must learn how to use their new products before they can achieve their goals. Most companies, however, do a poor job of managing the customer’s natural learning curve. How we acquired driving skills years ago is a more … Continued